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Totus2us is giving voice to faith, hope and love from all around the world, especially among Blessed John Paul II's, Papa Benedict XVI's & Pope Francis's 'dearest young people'. Dedicated to Our Lady, Totus2us wants to highlight what's good, true and beautiful, helping us to pray and not be afraid.

There are voices from 109 countries so far here on 40 Totus2us podcasts. All free, all with music and available on iTunes, most episodes (audio mp3s) are under 10 minutes and fall broadly into 3 areas: prayer (faith / way), Catholic teaching (hope / truth) and witness (love / life).

13th April - Palm Sunday & XXIX World Youth Day - beginning of Holy Week
17th April - Maundy Thursday - beginning of Easter Triduum
18th April - Good Friday
20th April - Easter Sunday - beginning of Easter Octave
27th April - Divine Mercy Sunday & canonization of Blessed Popes John XXIII & John Paul II

Today's something about Mary

is by Father John from the United States      

"That has been a tremendous grace in my life to feel that Our Lady, through the tragedy that she experienced in her life, can connect with the difficulties we have and give us the grace to persevere and to overcome.  So Our Lady continues to be an inspiration and a great advocate in my life."

If you'd be happy to say your something about our beloved Mother, please get in touch with Totus2us :o)

On Sunday 13 October 2013, Papa Francesco consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in front of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima in St Peter's Square. In June 1981 (just a month after the assasination attempt on JPII on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima), it was reported the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared to 6 children in Medjugorje (in what was then communist Yugoslavia), introducing herself to them as the 'Queen of Peace'. The 6 visionaries say she has been appearing in Medjugorje every day since.

The Passion of Jesus Christ

3 2us by Father William Pearsall SJ       

"Christ washes the feet of his disciples and on the day that follows he will wash the world in his own blood. So the bread which is broken is his own body which will be offered for us and the cup which he blesses and gives to his disciples is the cup of his blood which will be shed for us. And for this reason the Last Supper can never be separated from the Cross. They belong together. And the Cross itself is the reason Christ came - it is so that we can be reconciled with God through this gift of love whereby the Son of God offers himself on behalf of humanity and in his human nature is crucified to the wood of the cross, with his arms outstretched in an embrace nailed to that wood and an embrace that will include the whole universe and he bares the wounds of that suffering, even in his risen body. They remain the marks of that love in His glory in heaven so that God's own life is inseparable now from this moment of death, the death of Christ on the Cross and the Gospels speak of that as his hour of glory."

In Memory of Me      

Enrique, 25 & from Madrid: "I feel myself very blessed to be able to go to Mass every day before going to work. I just find it incredibly helpful. It really is the daily bread that keeps me going. And it does make a big difference .. The days in which I am able to go, I can really see the good effects it has in my dealings with my colleagues."

Paula, 27 & from England: "I found my faith again through Scripture, but this really became alive when I went to Church one day. And it’s not that Mass made sense or that I was overwhelmed by the people or the candles or the music. It's just that I went in and I just felt God present in the Eucharist."

Blessed John Paul II, We Love You!

Sophie, from England      

"I've been truly inspired by the love and life of John Paul II. .. By looking at his life has really helped me in mine... I'll be going with a group of students to the canonization of John Paul II in Rome and we're all very excited, and we're all very conscious that through growing through Youth 2000 and World Youth Day and such events, he has inspired us to live the faith and the call to be a saint in every day life."

Celia, desde Argentina (en español)      

"Papa Juan Pablo II el Padre Espiritual .. me siento su santidad en todo momento, su paternidad."

Journeys of Faith

Suzy, who's 29 & from the UK       

"I just saw something in them that made me realise that they had something; a lot of people I knew were good people but these people had something else that made them see a value and a dignity in the human person .. I slowly observed their behaviour & got to know them & became good friends & gradually that took me back into the Church. I very suspiciously would go & sit at the back of the church. Then one day a friend said 'Come on, Suze, come and say the rosary.' .. So I went off to a church & prayed the rosary & I'd have to say that that probably was what brought me back. From then on I just felt that, if nothing else, I could maybe attempt to say the rosary. Slowly Our Lady worked her way back into my life. From there I guess I began going to the Sacraments, I went to confession, I started going to Mass regularly."

TOP CHAT with Dr Theresa Burke     

about her work with Rachel's Vineyard and From Grief to Grace, and their treatment models for trauma.

"God wants us to live. He came that we might have life and have it to the full. I think a lot of people learn to just tolerate how it is, they learn to live with it, 'Alright, this isn't what I wanted for my life but I can kind of get by.' And they settle. And the Lord doesn't want us to settle, He wants us to seek. So all theses opportunities for healing, even if you think 'Oh, I've learned to live with this abortion' or 'My abuse sucked but I can carry on'. That's not what He wants, He wants us to be better than we were before the injury. Can you imagine that? Better than we were before that happened! And that is what healing does - not only does it strengthen you in the places of weaknesses, but then you can use all that horror to help others. Which is why this program has spread all over the world, because it has been spread by people whose lives have been changed. It hasn't been spread by the top-down authorities. It's the grass roots in the trenches, those who are suffering, who have so much to teach us and who in their humility and in their brokenness really reveal the power of God. That's the blessing and that's the grace."

Go in Peace

Phil, who's 30 & from the UK      

"I feel a lot of resistance going to confession but I make myself go anyway, go regularly, because I know that God wants me to go, and He's kind of breaking me and molding me. I kind of get caked up and clogged up, but going to confession I will become loosened and supple spiritually again …
His grace will mend me and keep me going, because it's really important."

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Ruth, 1 of the Totus2us team     

"For me it is the poor in spirit and pure in heart who have shown me both mercy and how to receive mercy. I mean they have shown me mercy and they have shown me how I need to be if I want to receive mercy. They seem to be so interlinked and, as the Beatitude on mercy goes, 'Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy'. So I'm incredibly grateful to all the poor in spirit and pure in heart who have shown me mercy, because through them I have really been shown the merciful face of Jesus, they have so many times been Jesus for me, and for this I am incredibly grateful.”

Papa Francis, at the Angelus in November said: 'I would like to recommend a medicine to you. Some of you may be wondering: “Is the Pope a pharmacist now?” It is a special medicine which will help you to benefit from the Year of Faith, .. It is a medicine that consists of 59 threaded beads; a “spiritual medicine” called Misericordin. A small box containing 59 beads on a string. This little box contains the medicine.. There is a rosary, with which you can pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, spiritual help for our souls and for spreading love, forgiveness & brotherhood everywhere. Do not forget to take it, because it is good for you. It is good for the heart, the soul, & for life in general!'

Viva Papa Francisco!

Sarah, who's 20 & from the USA       

"Pope Francis is very, very dear to my heart, mostly because of his incredible love and joy, his caringness for the poor and for those who need it most. He really brings us back to what true humanity is and what it means to be a Christian in the most simple and most profound sense of the word: in just following Christ and loving each person for who they are and who God made them to be, and not for their certain qualities or their physical beauty or anything like that. Just the heart that God gave them is all that we need to love and that's exactly what he shows to us. He's such a beautiful example that we can follow in our daily lives and it's something that the whole world has noticed, and not even necessarily Catholics or Christians, but everybody has noticed his love and he inspires everybody to act that way."

Papa Benedetto, We love you!

Angelika, who's 30 & from Germany      

"How can you not love Pope Benedict? He’s such a lovely man. I don’t think there are many people like him who are so humble yet so great at the same time. He’s such a wonderful theologian, deep thinker, great scholar and yet he never even mentions it. He's never proud and never boasts about it. When he resigned a year ago I think that was probably the most humble thing to do: accepting that you can't go on like that, that your task is going to be too much for you, that it's too big for you, and yet not just pretending to do it and not doing it well, but instead resigning and just admitting that you're weak. That's incredible. Yeh, I do love him."

To Be a Pilgrim to Lourdes

Bria, who's 23 & from the US      

"Lourdes is such a place of love, so unique & different from anywhere else in the world. You've people from all over who’ve journeyed to meet Our Lady & spend time with Our Lord. They’re all helping each other to get there, so that whatever ailment you may have, be it mental, physical, you can bring it there & people are able to help you. It's such a place of prayer, so peaceful & wonderful, & almost like what the world should be."

The Incredlble Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe 

Adam, a seminarian from the USA    

"There was St Maximilian Kolbe who never lost his dignity of himself and of his fellow prisoners. And it was his love of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary that allowed him to love both his fellow prisoners but also the guards there too. And it was also that same love for the Blessed Mother that allowed him to step out of line. As we were there in the courtyard what really rung true is that I've always heard the story that Maximilian Kolbe stepped out of line to take the place of this prisoner who was chosen to die for someone else who had escaped."

World Youth Days

WYD Toronto 2002 with Blessed John Paul II & Ugo      

Ugo, who's from Nigeria: "The World Youth Day in Toronto prepared my faith to know, love and cherish God, and just not to be afraid. As our late Pope, Blessed John Paul II said: 'Do not be afraid to say yes to Jesus, do not be afraid to love Jesus, do not be afraid to serve Jesus, do not be afraid to visit Jesus, do not be afraid to open your door to Jesus. It's yes, yes, yes all the way because Jesus is meek and humble of heart. That's my experience of World Youth Day - it was beautiful."

Man for Others - John Paul II

Fr Maximin Yves Sagna, from Senegal, in English & in French

"I have had the fortune to become a priest because when Pope John Paul II came to Senegal to visit our country, I told myself ‘I want to be like this priest, like this bishop, and to dedicate all my life to announce Jesus Christ.’"

"En reconnaissance de ce qui arrivait en février de l'année 1992 quand Pape Jean-Paul II était au Senegal pour une visite pastorale, j'etais là parmi les jeunes de mon pays et lorsque j'ai eu la chance de le voir passer, traverser, quelque chose est passé en moi, c'est comme ca que je peux le resumer, et je n'ai pas pu resister a ce desir de lui ressembler, et c'est comme ça que tout est parti. Aujourd'hui c'est une grâce vraiment ineffable, je ne peux pas exprimer la joie qui m'habite en ce moment d'avoir pu célébrer la messe sur l'autel où Jean-Paul II repose en attendant d'être proclamé saint, mais pour moi il est déjà."

Blessed John Paul II

""Fear not to welcome Christ and accept his power. Help the Pope and all those who wish to serve Christ and by his power to serve the human person and the whole of mankind.
Do not be afraid. Open wide the doors to Christ. To his saving power open the frontiers of states, economic and political systems, the vast realms of culture, civilization, and development.
Do not be afraid. Christ knows 'what is in humans'. He alone knows!"
(16th October 1978)

Papa Benedetto XVI

'When we entrust ourselves to the Lord completely, everything changes. We are children of a Father who loves us, and never leaves us.'

'Following Christ's example, we have to learn to give ourselves completely. Anything else is not enough.'

@Pontifex tweet - 2 & 9 Jan 2013

All around the world - our universal Catholic faith

You can listen by country to the witness given, by young people in particular, on Totus2us's podcasts. Countries represented so far are: Albania, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Benin, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkino Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo-Brazaville, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, DR Congo, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Grenada, Guyana, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, SwedenSwitzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, UK, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

The countries not included above which Pope Francis, Papa Benedict XVI, Blessed John Paul II &/or Paul VI have visited are: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belize, Botswana, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Curaçao, Denmark, East Timor, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Fiji Islands, Finland, Gabon, Gambia, Guam, Guatemala, GuineaGuinea-Bissau, Haiti, Honduras, Iceland, Iran, Jordan, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Papua-New Guinea, Paraguay, La Réunion, Rwanda, San Marino, Sao Tome & PrincipeSolomon Islands, Sudan, Swaziland, Tunisia & Uruguay.

Our Lady's message to Marija Pavlović
Medjugorje, 25 February 2014

“Dear children! You see, hear and feel that in the hearts of many people there is no God. They do not want Him, because they are far from prayer and do not have peace. You, little children, pray - live God's commandments. You be prayer, you who from the very beginning said `yes` to my call. Witness God and my presence and do not forget, little children: I am with you and I love you. From day to day I present you all to my Son Jesus. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

“Queridos hijos! Ven, oyen y sienten que en los corazones de mucha gente no está Dios: no lo quieren, porque están lejos de la oración y no tienen paz. Ustedes, hijitos, oren, vivan los mandamientos de Dios. Ustedes sean oración, ustedes que desde el principio mismo han dicho "sí" a mi llamado. Testimonien a Dios y mi presencia, y no olviden, hijitos, Yo estoy con ustedes y los amo. Día a día los presento a todos a mi Hijo Jesús. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

"Cari figli! Vedete, ascoltate e sentite che nei cuori di molti uomini non c'è Dio. Non lo vogliono perché sono lontani dalla preghiera e non hanno la pace. Voi, figlioli, pregate, vivete i commandamenti di Dio. Voi siate preghiera, voi che fin dallo stesso inizio avete detto „si“ alla mia chiamata. Testimoniate Dio e la mia presenza e non dimenticate figlioli, che Io sono con voi e vi amo. Di giorno in giorno vi presento al mio figlio Gesù. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.”

Totus Tuus, Totus2us   

Totus Tuus - All Yours - was Blessed John Paul II's motto, having entrusted his life, his priesthood, his 'all' to Mary. Totus2us is being built with the same intention: to be all Mary's. The play on lettering gives Totus2us a 2nd meaning - Everything2us - as that is what Mary means to us.

This mosaic of the Madonna and Christ Child is on the front of the Apostolic Palace in St Peter's Square (near the Pope's window for the Angelus prayer). Beneath it is John Paul II's coat of arms and his motto, Totus Tuus; and beneath this is written MATER ECCLESIAE - Mother of the Church.

It is a tribute John Paul II wanted to make to Mary for her having saved his life in the assassination attempt on 13th May 1981, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima. Just 6 months later, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, John Paul II blessed the mosaic, a "sign of the heavenly protection of the Sovereign Pontiff, of the Church and of those who are in St Peter's Square."

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