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Something about Mary

Every day someone new from around the world tells us something about what Our Lady means to them.

This miraculous image is of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico). There are many more beautiful photos of Mary on Totus2us's Flickr page.
Music by the very generous (talented & Spanish) Jesús Cabello.

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With over 2000 responses since 8th September 2009, there's a podcast for each year: (1) Something about Maria - here on itunes (2) Something about La Madonna - here on itunes (3) Something about Our Lady - here on itunes (4) Something about the Mother of Jesus - here on itunes (5) Something about the Virgin Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help - here on itunes (6)Something about our Mother 

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13th October - 100th anniversary of Our Lady's last apparition in Fatima & the miracle of the sun - Shauna      

"Recently I went to a healing Mass and here I really experienced the powerful intercession of Our Lady and a real experience of healing and the presence of the Holy Spirit. She really undid a lot of knots in my relationship with Jesus and brought me closer to Jesus, where I learnt that there's no fear within his presence and there's no fear surrendering in his arms."

Shauna is 27 & from London.

12th October - Feast of Our Lady of Aparecida - Wagner      

"My first call to the priesthood is very connected to Mother Mary. Once I was at the Basilica of Our Lady of Aparecida, the Patroness of Brazil, when I was 17. I felt Our Lady telling me that my place was on the altar and this strong message was coming from her statue there in that basilica. The first moment, I was really surprised by that interior call ... And since then, I feel that she is always with me, she is the one who teaches me to pray and her presence in my life is very important. Always when I'm feeling like lost or lonely, I just start praying the rosary and ask her presence and feel very comforted and supported by Mother Mary."

Wagner, from Brazil, gives his response in English & Portuguese.

11th October - Feast of Saint John XXIII - Mara      

"The Virgin to me is the holy, perfect mother who we can look up to."

Mara lives in America & is from London.

7th October - Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary - Patricia      

"For me I guess Mary is about protection and safety, and feeling that no matter whatever challenge you have that somehow you will be looked after and knowing that there's always a way out."

Patricia is originally from the United States.

6th October - Maddy      

"To me Our Lady is an accessible image of peace."

Maddy is 17 and from England.

4th October - Feast of St Francis of Assisi - Sandra      

"With our life today we are facing so many challenges and sometimes we can question our faith, by saying like 'Where is God?' But we rather look at Mary because even though she was God's mother she also went through so many trials. So we should ask her to intercede for us.   

Malgré les situations que nous rencontrons nous devons jamais questioner notre foi au Dieu vivant parce que Marie, elle avait Jésus avec elle, mais elle a rencontré ses obstacles et elle a continué en avant et nous aussi de même nous devons toujours croire en Dieu, ne jamais nous décourager et implorer son intercession."

Sandra is 26 and from DR Congo.

1st October - Feast of St Therese of the Child Jesus - Joanna      

"Our Lady to me is first of all my mother and the perfect example of how to be a woman and how to receive Christ and God into our lives, and the perfect example of humility and she gives me peace. I just feel peace when I speak to her."

Joanna is 25 and from England.

24th September - Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham - Father Peter      

"I have a particular devotion to Our Lady of Walsingham and I think of her as the home maker. I think that when Our Lord was a child he was very much as he was when he was an adult, and as a child I think he would have gone out into the streets of Nazareth, befriending the hungry and the homeless, the lonely and the sad. And what would he have done with them? He'd have brought them home to his Mum. And Our Lady wouldn't have known from one moment to the next who on earth her divine Son was going to bring home. But we may be sure that all of his friends found a welcome in her house. And I'm sure she did that when she later kept house for St John and the apostles came home from their missionary journeys with tales of triumph and disaster and they would have found that maternal welcome waiting for them there. And in Walsingham today Our Lady continues to extend that ministry of love and welcome."

Father Peter, from Britain, lives in Colombia, providing a home for children who live and work in the streets of Medellin, one of the poorest & most violent cities in South America. For more info about his work, visit Let the Children Live website.

15th September - Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows - Tricia      

"It was prophesied that a sword would pierce Mary's heart through and yet at the same time it was through Our Lady that many hearts would be opened as well. So whenever we're called to follow Christ in our life we have to endure some degree of suffering, some challenges. And she knew this and yet she answered God fully in how He called her and did the best that she could to follow God, to be open and willing to go wherever He led her. And through her obedience, her beautiful obedience to the Lord, we are blessed to have a Saviour. And I owe so much to her for that and that is something beautiful and I'm grateful. There are times in my missionary journeys where I do struggle and I can find comfort in turning to her and asking her to provide a sense of consolation and comfort and encouragement, because she has been there too."

Tricia, from the United States, is Catholic lay missionary in Asia. For more info, visit the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society website.

8th September - Our Lady's birthday - Sister Andy      

"I would like to say, “Holy Mary, I love you with all my heart.”"

Sister Andy is from Taiwan and gives her response in English & Mandarin Chinese.

Pope Benedict XVI: "We do not praise God sufficiently by keeping silent about his saints, especially Mary, "the Holy One" who became his dwelling place on earth. The simple & multiform light of God appears to us exactly in its variety & richness only in the countenance of the saints, who are the true mirrors of his light. And it is precisely by looking at Mary's face that we can see more clearly than in any other way the beauty, goodness & mercy of God. In her face we can truly perceive the divine light."
(Homily, Feast of the Assumption, 2006)

Papa Benedicto XVI: "Nosotros no alabamos suficientemente a Dios si no alabamos a sus santos, sobre todo a la "Santa" que se convirtió en su morada en la tierra, María. La luz sencilla y multiforme de Dios sólo se nos manifiesta en su variedad y riqueza en el rostro de los santos, que son el verdadero espejo de su luz. Y precisamente viendo el rostro de María podemos ver mejor que de otras maneras la belleza de Dios, su bondad, su misericordia. En este rostro podemos percibir realmente la luz divina." (Homilía, fiesta de la Asunción 2006)

Papa Benedetto XVI: "Noi non lodiamo Dio sufficientemente tacendo sui suoi santi, soprattutto su "la Santa" che è divenuta la sua dimora in terra, Maria. La luce semplice e multiforme di Dio ci appare proprio nella sua varietà e ricchezza solo nel volto dei santi, che sono il vero specchio della sua luce. E proprio vedendo il volto di Maria possiamo vedere più che in altri modi la bellezza di Dio, la sua bontà, la sua misericordia. Possiamo realmente percepire la luce divina in questo volto." (OmeliaFesta dell'Assunta 2006)

Pape Benoît XVI: "Nous ne louons pas suffisamment Dieu si nous nous taisons sur ses saints, en particulier sur "la Sainte" qui est devenue sa demeure sur la terre, Marie. La lumière simple et multiforme de Dieu ne nous apparaît de manière juste dans sa variété et dans sa richesse que dans le visage des saints, qui sont le véritable miroir de sa lumière. C'est précisément en voyant le visage de Marie que nous pouvons voir, plus que par d'autres moyens, la beauté de Dieu, sa bonté, sa miséricorde. Nous pouvons réellement percevoir la lumière divine sur ce visage." (HomélieFête de l'Assomption 2006)

Papst Benedikt XVI: "Wir loben Gott nicht genug, wenn wir über seine Heiligen schweigen, insbesondere über »die Heilige«, Maria, die seine Wohnung auf Erden geworden ist. Das einfache und facettenreiche Licht Gottes erscheint uns in seiner Vielfalt und in seinem Reichtum allein auf dem Antlitz der Heiligen, die der wahre Spiegel seines Lichtes sind. Und vor allem im Antlitz Marias können wir die Schönheit Gottes, seine Güte und Barmherzigkeit mehr erkennen als auf andere Art und Weise. Auf ihrem Antlitz können wir das göttliche Licht wirklich wahrnehmen." (Predigt, Hochfest der aufnahme Mariens in den Himmel)

Papa Bento XVI: "Nós não louvamos a Deus suficientemente calando-nos acerca dos seus santos, sobretudo sobre "a Santa", que se tornou a sua morada na terra, Maria. A luz simples e multiforme de Deus manifesta-se-nos precisamente na sua variedade e riqueza somente no rosto dos santos, que constituem o verdadeiro espelho da sua luz. Exactamente quando contemplamos o rosto de Maria, podemos ver mais do que de outras maneiras a beleza de Deus, a sua bondade e a sua misericórdia. Podemos realmente sentir a luz divina neste rosto." (HomiliaFesta da Assunção)