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Something about Mary

Every day people from around the world tell us something about what Our Lady means to them.

This miraculous image is of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico). There are many more beautiful photos of Mary on Totus2us's Flickr page.
Music by the very generous (talented & Spanish) Jesús Cabello.

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With over 3000 responses since 8th September 2009, there's a podcast for each year: (1) Something about Maria  (2) Something about La Madonna  (3) Something about Our Lady  (4) Something about the Mother of Jesus  (5) Something about the Virgin Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help  (6) Something about the Mother of God (7) Something about the Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy  (8) Something about Nossa Senhora de Fátima  (9) 

If you'd like to give Mary a metaphorical bunch of flowers by saying your something about her, please, pretty please, do get in touch with Totus2us. Thank you :o)

Our Lady's annual message to Jakov Colo in Medugorje, Christmas 2019:
[The apparition began at 2:25 pm and lasted 9 minutes.Our Lady came with little Jesus in her arms]

"Dear children, today, on this day of grace, in a special way I am calling you to open your hearts and to implore Jesus to strengthen your faith. Children, through prayer with the heart, faith and works you will come to know what it means to live a sincere Christian life. Often times, children, darkness, pain and crosses overwhelm your hearts. Do not waver in faith and ask 'why' because you think that you are alone and abandoned. Instead, open your hearts, pray and believe firmly and then your heart will feel God's nearness and that God never abandons you – that He is beside you at every moment. Through prayer and faith, God will answer your every 'why' and transform your every pain, darkness and cross into light. Thank you."

(At the last daily apparition to Jakov Colo on 12th September 1998, Our Lady told him that henceforth he would have one apparition a year, on Christmas Day.)

24th November - Feast of Christ, King of the Universe - Mauro      

"My conversion happened through Our Lady…. I am now happily married, I’m fully living my Catholic faith and I owe it all to Our Lady. Thank you, Mary!

La mia conversione sia devota interamente a Maria perché ero lontano e la mia conversione è stata devota al mio viaggio a Lourdes e mentre a Lourdes Maria mi ha toccato, mi ha toccato il cuore, dall'inizio di tutta la transformazione che mi ha portato a suo figlio Gesù Cristo  .. Maria sarà sempre parte della mia vita."

Mauro is from Rome.

5th November - Mihnea      

"I think Our Lady is our dear mother who always prays for us and is always there for us and it’s a great blessing to know that there’s always a mother we can turn to."

Mihnea is from Romania and gives his response in English and Romanian.

25th October - Padre Giovanni      

"We know that the Virgin Mary is such an important presence to the life of the Christian people because she really demonstrates her love for her sons in many ways, by staying with them during the bad and the good times of life and her prayers are always accepted by God … God also wanted her to be our mother so it is according to his will that we accept her as our mother and we can always rely on her.  

La Madonna ha sempre dimostrato di essere la migliore delle madri. Quindi tutte le personne che hanno accettato di fidarse di lei hanno sperimentato la sua grandezza."

Father Giovanni (James) is from Naples.

22nd October - Feast of St John Paul II - Fr Sylvester      

"Mary is for me mostly the Mother of Mercy because she is the mother of the King of Mercy and brings Him to us.

Maria ist die Mutter der Barmherzigkeit."

Father Sylvester is from Germany.

7th October - Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary - Innocente      

"To me Mary is the mother of my heart. Why my heart specifically? Because that is where Jesus is; that’s where the heart of Jesus lives in me. Because she is the mother of Jesus, she’s the mother of my heart, she’s my every day friend. Through my rosary I walk with her, I talk to her, I live by her, but just because she’s the mother of my heart. She passes my prayers to Jesus, she passes my prayers to God and she never fails in doing that. She listens to me when I speak to her. 

Marie est pour moi la maman de mon cœur parce que c’est dans mon cœur que demeure et vit Jésus. En fait elle est la personne à qui je parle quand j’ai mal, quand j’ai peur, quand je pleure, et je sais peu importe ce qui se passe dans ma vie elle est là avec moi au travers de mon rosaire. Je marche par elle, je vis par elle parce qu’elle est à côté de mon Jésus et je sais que mes prières ne seront jamais, jamais, jamais laissées sans réponse quand je passe par elle."

Innocente is 23 & from DR Congo.

5th October - Feast of St Faustina - Lucie      

"Our Lady matters a lot to me because she’s like my mother … she’s learning me a lot of things: patience, love, how to be a good wife, a good sister, a good friend. So I have, I can say, an intimacy with her and she helps me a lot to pray as well.

La Vierge Marie est vraiment quelqu’un qui compte beaucoup pour moi …  elle m’apporte beaucoup. Elle m’apprend à prier, elle m’apprend à être une bonne épouse, une bonne soeur, une bonne amie. Elle représente énormément pour moi et je peux dire avoir une très forte intimité avec elle"

Lucie is from France.

4th October - Feast of St Francis of Assisi - Francis      

"When I was small I had polio and my mother did a novena of Mary help of Christians and I've got completely healed. It was a miracle."

Francis is from Goa in India.

2nd October - Feast of our Guardian Angels - Christian      

"I thank you Mother Mary for being with us."

Christian is from Singapore.

Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd October 2019:

"Dear children, the will and the love of the Heavenly Father make it so that I am among you, that I, with a motherly love, may help the growth of faith in your heart, for you to be able to truly comprehend the purpose of earthly life and the greatness of the heavenly one. My children, the earthly life is the way to eternity, to truth, and to life - to my Son. I desire to lead you on that way. You, my children - you who always thirst for more love, truth and faith - need to know that there is only one spring from which you can drink. It is trust in the Heavenly Father; it is trust in His love. Abandon yourselves completely to His will and do not be afraid. Everything that is best for you, everything that leads you to eternal life, will be given to you. You will comprehend that the purpose of life is not always to want and take, but to love and give. You will have true peace and true love. You will be apostles of love. By your example, you will make it so that those children who do not know my Son and His love may desire to come to know Him. My children, apostles of my love, adore my Son with me and love Him above all. Always strive to live in His truth. Thank you."

1st October - Feast of St Therese of the Child Jesus - Mauricio      

"Mary is my mother, yes my mother. .. I love her deeply like a little boy. When I see her I feel like a child again."

Mauricio, from Chile, gives his response in English & Spanish.

Our Lady's message to Marija Pavlović, Medjugorje, 25 September 2019

"Dear children! Today I am calling you to pray for my intentions so that I may help you. Little children, pray the Rosary and meditate the mysteries of the Rosary because, in your life, you are also passing through joys and sorrows. In this way, you are transforming the mysteries into your life, because life is a mystery until you place it into God’s hands. In this way, you will have the experience of faith like Peter who met Jesus and the Holy Spirit filled his heart. Little children, you are also called to witness by living the love with which, day by day, God wraps you with my presence. Therefore, little children, be open and pray with the heart in faith. Thank you for having responded to my call."

“Queridos hijos! Hoy los invito a orar por mis intenciones a fin de que los pueda ayudar. Hijitos, recen el Rosario y mediten los misterios del Rosario, porque también ustedes en su vida atraviesan por alegrías y tristezas. De ese modo, convierten los misterios en su vida, porque la vida es un misterio hasta que no la ponen en las manos de Dios. Así tendrán la experiencia de la fe, como cuando Pedro encontró a Jesús, y el Espíritu Santo le llenó su corazón. También ustedes, hijitos, están llamados a testimoniar viviendo el amor con que Dios los envuelve día a día con mi presencia. Por eso, hijitos, sean abiertos y oren con el corazón en la fe. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

"Cari figli! Oggi vi invito a pregare per le mie intenzioni affinché possa aiutarvi. Figlioli, pregate il rosario e meditate i misteri del rosario perché anche voi nella vostra vita passate attraverso le gioie e i dolori. In questo modo trasformate i misteri nella vostra vita perché la vita è un mistero finché non la mettete nelle mani di Dio. Così avrete l’esperienza della fede come Pietro che ha incontrato Gesù e lo Spirito Santo ha riempito il suo cuore. Anche voi, figlioli, siete invitati a testimoniare vivendo l’amore con il quale di giorno in giorno Dio vi avvolge con la mia presenza. Perciò, figlioli, siate aperti e pregate col cuore nella fede. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata."

14th September - Feast of the Triumph of the Cross - Anson      

"The journey with Mother Mary is just wonderful  …  The pathway to Christ is immense and Mother Mary takes you there and I just love that."

Anson is 30 & from the UK.

12th September - Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary - Caroline      

"Mary has a special place in my heart, in my family’s heart… I like the expression ’To Jesus by Mary’ and I just trust her, she leads us to him. I know she has got a sense of humour, I know she uses unexpected ways to lead us where we have to go. ..

Je sais qu’on arrive à Jésus par Marie"

Caroline is from France.

10th September - Sophie      

"Mary's my Mum, simple. My children look up to her from what I can teach them through her, all my mothering is done via her. Everything is done via her, there’s nothing more I can say! She puts her mantle over me and my family every day and I’m grateful for that."

Sophie is from the United Kingdom.

9th September - Feast of Bl Jacob Desiré Laval - Mary      

"The Blessed Mother of Jesus, my best friend!"

Mary is from Ireland.

8th September - Our Lady's birthday - Dania      

"Mary is the mother of Jesus, she’s my mother, she’s the mother of Syria, she’s the mother of all the countries who are suffering from war, from trouble. So please Mary, pray for us."

Dania is from Syria and gives her response in English and Arabic.

Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd September 2019:

"Dear children, pray! Pray the Rosary every day - that wreath of flowers which, as a mother, directly connects me with your pains, sufferings, desires, and hopes. Apostles of my love, I am with you through the grace and the love of my Son, and I am asking for prayers of you. The world is in such need of your prayers for souls to be converted. With complete trust, open your hearts to my Son, and in them He will inscribe the summary of His words - which is love. Live in an unbreakable connection with the Most Sacred Heart of my Son. My children, as a mother, I am telling you that it is high time for you to kneel before my Son to acknowledge Him as your God, the center of your life. Offer gifts to Him - that which He most loves - which is love towards neighbour, mercy, and pure hearts. Apostles of my love, many of my children still do not acknowledge my Son as their God; they have not yet come to know His love. But you, with your prayer pronounced from a pure and open heart, by the gifts which you offer to my Son, will make even the hardest hearts open. Apostles of my love, the strength of prayer pronounced from the heart - a powerful prayer full of love - changes the world. Therefore, my children: pray, pray, pray. I am with you. Thank you."

TOP CHAT about Totus2us & 1000 somethings about Mary     

This 'chat' was not originally intended to be heard other than by Erin-Thérèse (from the Totus2us team) to help with the article she was writing about Totus2us. She pulled the trick of an article out of her hat with such charm & aplomb (& a determination that wasn't to be dodged) that Ruth (also from the Totus2us team) couldn't fail but cave in! Once recorded (over skype with a deep-breathing computer), Erin & her darling husband & mother then gave the shpeel that others might like to hear something about the story of Totus2us. So here it is, in great thanksgiving for 1000 somethings about Mary and 3 years of Totus2us.

(28 mins of TOP CHAT with Erin-Thérèse, recorded in August 2012)

Pope Benedict XVI: "We do not praise God sufficiently by keeping silent about his saints, especially Mary, "the Holy One" who became his dwelling place on earth. The simple & multiform light of God appears to us exactly in its variety & richness only in the countenance of the saints, who are the true mirrors of his light. And it is precisely by looking at Mary's face that we can see more clearly than in any other way the beauty, goodness & mercy of God. In her face we can truly perceive the divine light."
(Homily, Feast of the Assumption, 2006)

Papa Benedicto XVI: "Nosotros no alabamos suficientemente a Dios si no alabamos a sus santos, sobre todo a la "Santa" que se convirtió en su morada en la tierra, María. La luz sencilla y multiforme de Dios sólo se nos manifiesta en su variedad y riqueza en el rostro de los santos, que son el verdadero espejo de su luz. Y precisamente viendo el rostro de María podemos ver mejor que de otras maneras la belleza de Dios, su bondad, su misericordia. En este rostro podemos percibir realmente la luz divina." (Homilía, fiesta de la Asunción 2006)

Papa Benedetto XVI: "Noi non lodiamo Dio sufficientemente tacendo sui suoi santi, soprattutto su "la Santa" che è divenuta la sua dimora in terra, Maria. La luce semplice e multiforme di Dio ci appare proprio nella sua varietà e ricchezza solo nel volto dei santi, che sono il vero specchio della sua luce. E proprio vedendo il volto di Maria possiamo vedere più che in altri modi la bellezza di Dio, la sua bontà, la sua misericordia. Possiamo realmente percepire la luce divina in questo volto." (OmeliaFesta dell'Assunta 2006)

Pape Benoît XVI: "Nous ne louons pas suffisamment Dieu si nous nous taisons sur ses saints, en particulier sur "la Sainte" qui est devenue sa demeure sur la terre, Marie. La lumière simple et multiforme de Dieu ne nous apparaît de manière juste dans sa variété et dans sa richesse que dans le visage des saints, qui sont le véritable miroir de sa lumière. C'est précisément en voyant le visage de Marie que nous pouvons voir, plus que par d'autres moyens, la beauté de Dieu, sa bonté, sa miséricorde. Nous pouvons réellement percevoir la lumière divine sur ce visage." (HomélieFête de l'Assomption 2006)

Papst Benedikt XVI: "Wir loben Gott nicht genug, wenn wir über seine Heiligen schweigen, insbesondere über »die Heilige«, Maria, die seine Wohnung auf Erden geworden ist. Das einfache und facettenreiche Licht Gottes erscheint uns in seiner Vielfalt und in seinem Reichtum allein auf dem Antlitz der Heiligen, die der wahre Spiegel seines Lichtes sind. Und vor allem im Antlitz Marias können wir die Schönheit Gottes, seine Güte und Barmherzigkeit mehr erkennen als auf andere Art und Weise. Auf ihrem Antlitz können wir das göttliche Licht wirklich wahrnehmen." (Predigt, Hochfest der aufnahme Mariens in den Himmel)

Papa Bento XVI: "Nós não louvamos a Deus suficientemente calando-nos acerca dos seus santos, sobretudo sobre "a Santa", que se tornou a sua morada na terra, Maria. A luz simples e multiforme de Deus manifesta-se-nos precisamente na sua variedade e riqueza somente no rosto dos santos, que constituem o verdadeiro espelho da sua luz. Exactamente quando contemplamos o rosto de Maria, podemos ver mais do que de outras maneiras a beleza de Deus, a sua bondade e a sua misericórdia. Podemos realmente sentir a luz divina neste rosto." (HomiliaFesta da Assunção)