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Somethings about Mary in November 2015

Many, many thanks to ... for giving their 'something' about Mary this month.

This statue of Our Lady of Worth is in the Benedictine Abbey of Worth in England.

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1st November - Feast of All Saints - Peter      

"I've always known that I have a father and I'm beginning to realise that I also have a mother. That's touching me because it's a relationship that I really understand and I really get, and I'm starting to feel quite close to my heavenly mother and that is actually really moving me because it's a relationship that I find easy to come to, I find it easy to come to my mother. I think as well what I'm beginning to understand is that she in some sense represents me and my Christian brothers and sisters, in a sense she goes before me. Because she is sinless and because she is perfect, she goes where I hope to go one day and she is where I hope to go, and that gives me a lot of hope as a Christian. "

Peter is 34 and from the UK.

Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd November 2015:

"Dear children. Anew I desire to talk about love. I gathered you around me on behalf of my Son through His will. I want my children who understand the love of my Son and follow it to live in love and hope. They came to know God's love. Therefore, dear children, pray, pray that you can love more and do acts of love, because faith alone, without love and without acts of love, is not what I ask from you. My children, that is the illusion of faith. That is self-boasting. My Son asks for faith and acts, love and goodness. I pray, and I am asking you to pray and live love because I desire that my Son, when looking at the hearts of all my children, may see in them love and goodness, not hatred and ambivalence. My children, apostles of my love, do not lose hope, do not lose strength. You can do it. I am encouraging and blessing you, because all of these earthly things — which are unfortunately placed in the first place by many of my children — will vanish, and love alone and acts of love will stay and open the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven. At those gates I will be waiting for you. At those gates I want to greet and hug all of my children. Thank you!"

2nd November - Feast of All Souls - Michael      

"My mother died when I was 24, at a difficult time in my life, so I always think of Mary not as a substitute but as someone to replace her."

Michael is from England.

3rd November - Alexandra      

"When I was aged 7 years old and made my confirmation, I took the confirmation name of Mary. Mary as a result has stayed with me all my life as my friend and as my guide. And I love her very much and I thank her very much for all I have received through her intercession."

Alexandra is from Rhodes Island in the USA.

12th November - Carolyn      

"I’ve had to take somebody I know from my parish to have several exorcisms because she was possessed and I came to realise the immense power Our Lady has and the terror in which the devil holds her …And I think that's helped me realise her great importance in the Church."

Carolyn is from England.

13th November - Feast of St Albert the Great - Fabio      

"For me, Mary is my guide and my commander.

Maria para mim é meu guia e meu comandante."

Fabio is 31 and from Brazil; he gives his response in English & Portuguese.

14th November - Frances      

"I can truly say Our Blessed Mother is my best friend. I love her, I certainly pray to her, I ask her many favours. She is my closest friend because so often, when I don't know what to do or where to turn, I immediately call on her, knowing that she will help me. She is our greatest intercessor, she loves us with such a motherly love that none of us, until we get to heaven, will begin to understand the depth of our Mother's love for us."

Frances is from England.

19th November - Laura      

"I'm always struck by the prayer 'Totus Tuus - all is yours', and just entrusting myself to Our Lady, really truly believing that when I give myself to her, she gives me to Christ, she draws me closer to Christ."

Laura is 30 (today :o) happy, blessed birthday to you, dear Laura) & from England.

20th November - Rosario      

"Mary has been like the woman image that I have always had. During my life I think she has been an enormous support and she has been a warm image, she has been like a path where I can get closer to God. She is something more human for me to realise the love of God. That is my experience about Mary. She has also given me a reference, as I don't know how to deal with life, to be simple, to be loving, to be present, to worry about others not only about me, and I feel very close to her, like a mother. 

Para mí l'image de la Virgen María es muy importante en mi vida."

Rosario is 28 (today :o) happy, blessed birthday to you, dear Rosario) & from Chile.

Our Lady's message to Marija Pavlović, Medjugorje, 25 November 2015:

"Dear children! Today I am calling all of you: pray for my intentions. Peace is in danger, therefore, little children, pray and be carriers of peace and hope in this restless world where Satan is attacking and tempting in every way. Little children, be firm in prayer and courageous in faith. I am with you and intercede before my Son Jesus for all of you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

“Queridos hijos! Hoy los llamo a todos: oren por mis intenciones. La paz está en peligro, por lo tanto, hijitos, oren y sean portadores de paz y esperanza en este mundo sin paz donde Satanás ataca y pone a prueba de todas las formas. Hijitos, sean fuertes en la oración y valientes en la fe. Yo estoy con ustedes e intercedo ante mi Hijo Jesús por todos ustedes. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

"Cari figli! Oggi vi invito tutti: pregate per le mie intenzioni. La pace è in pericolo perciò figlioli, pregate e siate portatori della pace e della speranza in questo mondo inquieto nel quale satana attacca e prova in tutti i modi. Figlioli, siate saldi nella preghiera e coraggiosi nella fede. Io sono con voi e intercedo davanti al mio figlio Gesù per tutti voi. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.”