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Feast of All Saints

Solemnity - 1st November (Holy day of obligation)
Most European countries celebrate with a bank holiday.

3 2us by Mgr Leo Maasburg      
"The Church celebrates all saints - all the saints of all the centuries.. all those who have gone to heaven through the grace of God. Sanctity, Mother Teresa once said, is not the privilege of the few, sanctity is the simple duty for you and me, we have all been created for that. That is her view and she echoes very well what the Second Vatican Council tells us: the common call to sanctity. .. Of course none of us can live the virtues but we all can open up to the guidance, to the strengthening, to the counselling of the Holy Spirit. We all can open up to start on a way of sanctity, because sanctity is not the point which we have reached and from them on we can see halos on our heads or are lifted 1 yard up above the others, but sanctity is the path and it is the narrow path into the kingdom of God. It is a path which Jesus says is comparable to the eye of a needle - it cannot be found by ourselves. It is very difficult for ourselves to enter the kingdom of heaven but what for us is impossible, for God is possible. So sanctity has a lot to do with us being linked closely to God. And how do we get linked to God? By the means by which the Holy Spirit guides us and the Church teaches us; it is very simple. It is by getting into silence first, into the silence of our hearts. God speaks in the silence of our hearts .. The first step for getting in touch with God would be to kneel down or sit in a Church and say 'Lord, what do you want me to do?' and He will clearly answer 'I want you to be a saint' .. Our vocation is to walk, to walk a path of holiness under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in His Church."

Evangelium with Fr Marcus Holden      
"Today we celebrate our fellow human beings who have made it .. those who've reached the goal of goals, the only one worth reaching - heaven. We're talking about the entire population of heaven .. What are saints but human beings who have realised that they are not just beasts of burden, pleasure seeking machines, alone in the universe as accidents of creation or merely subjects of a distant creator or cause, but rather that they are children of God, given an eternal destiny. They have realised what John the Divine realised, as he wrote in the 2nd reading today. They have realised that Love that created them, that saved them and which brings them home .. Saints produce other saints; sanctity, holiness, is attractive, it's contagious, because we see how we're supposed to be ..This is the Gospel, the Evangelium today - Dare to become a saint!"