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The Holy Mass

Pope Francis is currently dedicating his Wednesday catecheses to the Holy Mass. The series are taking the form:
1) Introduction
2) The Mass is Prayer
3) The Mass is the Memorial of the Paschal Mystery of Christ
4) Why do we go to Mass on Sundays?
5) The Rite of Introduction
6) The Penitential Act
7) The Song of Gloria & the Collect Prayer
8) Liturgy of the Word: I. Dialogue between God and his people
9) Liturgy of the Word: II. Gospel & homily
10) Liturgy of the Word: III. Creed & universal prayer
11) Eucharistic Liturgy: I. Presentation of gifts
12) Eucharistic Liturgy: II. Eucharistic Prayer
13) Eucharistic Liturgy: III. "Our Father" & breaking of Bread
14) Eucharistic Liturgy: IV. Communion